Flatware and a Photo Shoot

I swore tonight was going to be the first night in a looooong time I was going to put my peanut to bed and then… not work.  I had big plans for special rendezvous with the couch and the season finale of Nashville, but obviously, that’s not happening. And if I’m going to be working, I might as well give you guys a little update, right?

New post is up on DIY Network’s Made + Remade. I really do have a drawer of misfit silverware in my house. It’s full to bursting with (almost embarrassingly) cheap flatware. But now half of that collection is pretty darn spiffy, if I do say so myself. Head over to Made + Remade to learn how to upcycle your own thrift shop fork supply.

So, in other news: a few months back, I let Enna and Matt Grazier, the infinitely talented duo behind Grazier Photography, talk me into jumping on as DESIGNER (whaaa?) for an editorial wedding photo shoot. And ohmygoodness, I’m so glad I tucked all of my am-I-really-qualified-to-do-this fears in my back pocket and dove in headfirst to come up with location, theme, colors, etc. etc. The shoot was Tuesday and it was, hands down, one of the most amazing projects I’ve ever been lucky enough to do. I cannot WAIT to see the finished shots and trust me, I’ll do a full post on the shoot, but man, that was so. much. flipping. fun. I’m going to play coy until it’s time to shout out all the details from the rooftops, but whoa. I’ll just give you one sneak peek of our location to tide you over.

Vintage gymnasium as location for a wedding shoot? Sure!

Vintage gymnasium as location for a wedding shoot? Sure!

Intriguing, right? Not what you’d imagine for a wedding shoot, huh? But when someone tells me to “think outside the box and go big”, I take that pretty seriously.  And if anyone else out there wants to take a trip back to Land of the Make Believe Wedding with me, count me in any day. After years of shying away from wedding design, I might just have had a change of heart. It is late at night after a long few weeks, so don’t hold me to it. It might just be the residual high from the long gowns, the short dresses, the flowers, the cakes, the paper suite, the hair, the makeup, and our wonderful, long suffering model couple. Brides still scare the you know what out of me, but the designing? Again in a heartbeat.

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