The Top 4 For Fall

I’m a little in denial that fall is right around the corner. And yesterday’s crazy heatwave in the Northeast bolstered my ability to hold on to the dregs of summer with white knuckles. But when my pal MJ of Pars Caeli asked if I wanted to jump in on a fall fashion tag team post (after I stopped giggling at the absurdity of me pretending to be fashionable), I got a little excited.

I will admit that I love fall fashion. The return of well-worn and butter soft denim, the emergence of my scarf collection after a summer hiatus, warm sweaters, and best of all – boots. I love me some boots. In New England, you kind of have to be a boot lover, if you want to make it through winter with dry feet.


One trend that I will admit being deeply skeptical (OK, downright dismissive)¬†about was booties. Partially because of the word, but that’s just semantics. Late winter and spring last year, I was a bootie hold out. I just couldn’t wrap my head around them. I wanted to rock my clogs with my ankle skimmers, not booties. My skinny jeans always seemed to bunch funny in booties. I was NOT a fan.

FRYE JENNA DISC BOOTIE, $357.95. Image via

Imagine my surprise when I suddenly fell in L-O-V-E with the booties that appearing left and right a month or so ago. Can I hop the fence? Play for the other team? Can I be a latecomer to the bootie trend? I love being on the cutting edge, but this time I was behind the curve.


(My only fashion defense is that seeing clogs ALL OVER THE PLACE this summer was a consolation – I’d been rocking my clogs for a couple years, patiently hoping it would become a trend. Hooray for the intersection of fashion and comfort. Also on that note – harem pants. YES. YES. Yesssssssssssss.)


I love all of the stacked heels I’ve been seeing, as well as some of the more weatherbeaten bootie iterations that stand apart from the stiletto heel, metal studded fancy booties that were everywhere last spring. And those Sorel booties? C’mon now. I’ve had a pair of Sorel winter boots almost every year of my life. Warm, dry, FASHIONABLE feet for fall? Talk about the trifecta…


So, what do you guys think? Can I be fashionably late to the bootie party or did I miss the boat? Have you been rocking your booties all along? Most importantly, who wants to invite me someplace fabulously fancy so I can wear these just once in my life:


If you know me at all, you know anything “crystal-coated” is the stuff of fantasy, not reality. I ruin nice things with all my DIY silliness. But it’s fun to dream, yeah? Now that we’ve had a moment with booties, click on over and check out the rest of the dream team behind The Top 4 For Fall:

Pars Caeli
Frock Files
Laid Off Mom

They are all infinitely more fashionable than me, I assure you. And can we all acknowledge how hard I had to work to avoid a SINGLE BOOTY JOKE IN THIS ENTIRE POST? Can I get a pat on the back for not going there? Not even one “bootie-licious”. You’re welcome.

7 Responses to “The Top 4 For Fall”

  1. MJ @parscaeli

    Ellen, These booties are fabulous! And I feel like though booties have been around for a while, these styles are fresh. Wanna get the Rag & Bone versions for me? So, so cute. Thanks for joining in the fashion fiesta!! xoxo, MJ

  2. Stephanie

    I love boots, ankle boots, booties… whatever you want to call them! I was drooling over those Matt Bernson’s last night while internet window shopping… so cute!

  3. Louise Edu (@Laid_Off_Mom)

    Hahaha, love the “bootie-licious” addition at the end! =P And yess…you and me are one in the same when it came to jumping on the bootie bandwagon! I kept thinking how much shorter the booties would make me look. Thought they would cut off the length of my legs, but I found the greatest Sam Edelman fringe booties over the summer and I absolutely adore them!! Can’t wait to rock them this fall during school drop off and pick up! haha! Can I get a “the most stylish mom” award please?! hahaha j/k Loved our lil’ style collabo + so happy we met Ellen!! You rock lady!!


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