Alt SLC: What I Wore

I think it might actually be a blogging rite of passage to write a “What I Wore to Alt Summit” post. I’m never one to shy away from a milestone, so… here goes.

Alt Summit is the time and place where I know I’ll be swimming in a school of fish so brilliantly colored, so brightly adorned, I can wear anything I want. I can get as dressed up as my little heart desires, and no one is going to give me a funny look when passing on the street. I wear heels that defy any sort of sensibility. I wear fabrics that would magnetically attract sticky toddler hands at home. I’ve worn silk harem pants – twice. In many senses, I throw off of the cloak of normalcy and dress exactly how I would chose to dress every day, if weather, money, and circumstance were of no matter.

It’s AMAZING. I feel more like myself, more confident, more in my element, than any other time. It’s exhilarating – and coming home leaves me a little wistful that it’s over. Away go the heels until the next special occasion, the silk and sequins go back to the dark recesses of the closet, and I pull back out my butter soft, time worn standby clothes. Don’t get me wrong – I love my beat up everyday clothes. But living in New Hampshire doesn’t afford me many opportunities to wear a bandage dress and stiletto booties. Alt Summit does.

Without further ado, may I present:WHAT I WORE TO ALT SUMMIT 2014

What I Wore to Alt Summit

1)Gold cashmere scarf 2)Vegan Leather Jacket: Jou Jou 3)Black tunic tee: Naked Undies 4)Black Jeggings: Gap

Travel Day: This was actually supposed to be Day One, but since my flight was so weather delayed, this outfit saw no actual Alt Summit action. (PS – the shoes I wore have mysteriously gone missing since I got home, hence the footless photo.)

What I Wore to Alt Summit

1)Black OVERSIZE shirt: MiH 2)Bag: Cole Haan 3)Black jeggings: J Brand Jeans 4)Brogues: Boden

Day One: This was the first outfit that came together in my mind when I was planning my trip. I wanted to stay simple and minimalist, with a couple bright pops of fuschia. I think I nailed it, wouldn’t you say? I snapped up the brogues from Boden’s post-Christmas sale and they just make me so happy. Even if I basically can’t wear them AT ALL here at home due to the nasty snow-y slush. Fun note: my earrings are a DIY project I did while stranded in airports across the country. True story.

What I Wore to Alt Summit

1)Necklace/earrings: Target 2)Dress: French Connection 3)Booties: Black Saks Fifth Avenue

Night One: The Cricut-sponsored Green Party. Guess who looks like a leprechaun in a green dress? Or, as I found out with one dress I ordered online, guess who looks like an aging Vegas showgirl in green sequins? So, yeah. Green was tough for me. But I found this French Connection dress that had jade green and I figured I could make it work.

Day Two: I fell in love with these Haute Hippie pants on Piperlime and had to have them. Then it was just a question of building a look around them that was winter appropriate. I learned too late that heels during the day at Alt Summit are not altogether a great idea, but hey, they looked GOOD.

What I Wore to Alt Summit

1)Blazer: Tinley Road 2)Dress: Aidan Mattox 3)Shoes: Cole Haan

Night Two: The Mini Parties. I came ready to shake and shimmy. I spotted this dress three rows over at the Off 5th Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet and made a beeline for it. You bet I did a happy jig when it fit like a glove. And 75% off? Pshaw. Done.

What I Wore to Alt Summit

1)Shirt: Splendid 2)Necklace: Megan Stelzer 3)Skinny Jeans: Gap 4)Oxfords: Boden

Day Three: Even though it’s the most simple and basic look, this was actually my favorite outfit. I love, love, love this shirt. I adore these shoes. (Another Boden find on sale.) This necklace makes me swoon, and even better, it’s made by a local artisan. This was the only day I wore lipstick, and the rich oxblood color was a perfect contrast the the outfit. I felt like a million bucks. After the morning networking session was over, I headed up to check out Sundance with a couple pals and, in my head, pretended I could be mistaken for someone famous. Good times living in my own private delusion.

There you have it. What I wore to Alt Summit. Because I didn’t know I was going until two and a half weeks before Alt SLC, all of my outfits are a mix of pieces I already had, fabulous things I found on sale, and a few now beloved splurge pieces I found at my favorite shop, Bliss Boutique. I like that it was a solid mix of old and new, high and low – I feel like each look is very representative of who I am.

Here are my disclaimers (if they aren’t patently clear already):

  1. I’m terrible in front of the camera. Maybe atrocious is a better word? So glad I did this alone at home with the tripod and remote, because NO ONE needed to see that awkwardness extravaganza.
  2. I did absolutely no retouching to these photos, aside from correcting the white balance for passing clouds, tempting as it was to smooth over a few lumps. I feel like I deserve credit for resisting that temptation.
  3. When it’s sunny and I try to look serious, I end up scowling. So many scowl-y pictures.

Mark it off in the books – my first Alt Summit fashion post is official. I could get used to this…


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